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The Truth About Alef-Tav
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It goes without saying that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. This is also true in the area of biblical studies. After all, sometimes it does seem that there are different ways of interpreting a given passage of the Bible.

An opinion is one thing; a misinterpretation due to a linguistic or informational mistake is quite another issue. Sometimes we make mistakes in interpreting the Bible simply because we do not have adequate or reliable information. All of us do that; there are no exceptions. An astute Bible student is well aware of this problem and watchful of it.

This part of TRI's website is devoted to help Bible students to be better informed about popular teachings that, on the surface seem wonderful, but upon more careful examination, have serious flaws due to misinformation.

Please rest assured, TRI does not intend to play the role of heresy watchdog. Rather, all that we are attempting to accomplish in this section is to offer helpful information that the student can utilize in assessing various popular teachings that periodically arise in the Body of Messiah.

In short, TRI wants to help Bible students to be better equipped to check it out "when being presented with something new in the biblical world. After studying the first few examples of how we handle these in our website, hopefully the student will have learned valuable principles of watchfulness that he himself can apply to other issues not commented on by TRI. This exercise will also help each student to become one who is well aware of the need for both gracefulness and proper documentation.


319 <문자>  북인도 무슬림권 선교 상황과 전략적 중요성-김사무엘 (선교연장의 집)    2291
318 <문자>  “한국, 서구의 실수를 반복 말라”-랄프 윈터, 한국 선교 지도자들에 당부 [2008-05-10 16:41]    2334
317 <문자>  목회 중단한 존 파이퍼 목사에 美 교계 격려    2570
316 <문자>  남은 과업의 끝 = 세상의 끝 = 하나님 나라의 완성    2138
315 <문자>  기독교와 이슬람은 신학적으로, 종교적으로 화해할 수 있을까? - 김종필 선교사    2441
314 <문자>  속죄절(The Feast of the Lord)    3428
313 <문자>  나팔절(The Feast of the Lord)    3906
312 <문자>  유월절(The Feast of the Lord)    2505
311 <문자>  초막절(The Feast of the Lord)    5179
310 <문자>   조종성 목사- 팔복 중에 애통하는자(1) 진리의 비밀    2083
309 <문자>  십자가의 도란 무엇인가,    4936
308 <문자>  "이스라엘 유대인들이 주님께로 돌아오고 있다"    2101
307 <문자>  다시 무슬림들에게로 BTM 2010대회    2171
306 <문자>  칠십이레의 비밀    1686
305 <문자>  호세아 書로 본 대체신학의 엄청난 왜곡    2273
304 <문자>  “여호와께서 권능으로 내게 임하시고    1911
303 <문자>      1824
302 <문자>  Watch-Look-Listen    1513
301 <문자>  What Do We Mean by the Term "Torah?"    2581
<문자>  The Truth About Alef-Tav    1437

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