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Helpful Links from TRI
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Helpful Links from TRI

On this page we have a continually growing annotated list of organizations and ministries that we think would be of value one way or another to students of the Scriptures. Under each heading we have a brief summary (often a quote from the organization's home page) of what that work seeks to accomplish, followed by their website address.  

When we recommend an organization or ministry, that endorsement does not necessarily mean that we agree with all of its beliefs, practices, or ideas. All of these links we think have value in themselves in that they contribute to the knowledge of and welfare of the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. None of these groups have asked us to list them. We do it merely as a service to our Bible students.

The list is organized into the following categories:

Archaeology/Biblical Geography
Hebraic Roots
Modern Israel
Archaeology — Biblical Geography

Associates for Biblical Research — Bible and Spade Magazine

A definitive Biblical perspective on Biblical archaeology

"No other publication captures the truth of the Bible like ABR's Bible and Spade. A one-of-a-kind magazine, Bible and Spade transforms the Bible into a living world with its amazing full-color photos, diagrams, graphics, maps and articles written by ABR [Associates for Biblical Research] staff and other authorities in the field."


Biblical Archaeology Review

"The Biblical Archaeology Society was founded in 1974 as a non-profit, nondenominational, charitable organization dedicated to education and to dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands. The Society publishes Biblical Archaeology Review, the largest paid circulation archaeology magazine in the world."



The predominant Israeli map company.

"Carta's maps and atlases serve every conceivable need: school atlases; country and city maps; tourist guides; historical, political and other thematic maps, and CD-ROMs, to mention only a few. Today, Carta's map bank contains well over three thousand distinctive, mainly historical maps."


Ritmeyer Archaeological Design — Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer

Ritmeyer Archaeological Design came into being in 1983, with the aim of bringing the world of Biblical Archaeology into classrooms and homes everywhere. All the items listed have been selected to help furnish you with a sympathy for and understanding of the background to the Bible narrative.

From our experience working in archaeology and leading tours to the Land, we have learnt that anything that helps us to visualize the events recorded in Scripture increases our understanding immeasurably.


The Berkowitz family would like to strongly recommend that you take time in this site. Don’t miss anything! Always click on their Research button.


Shoreshim Publishing, Inc.

"Shoreshim Publishing is committed to publishing thought-provoking, high quality books and resources for the Messianic and Hebraic markets."

Shoreshim is the publishing house for Torah Resources International.


Hebraic Roots

The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies — Dwight A. Pryor

"The educational mission of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies is to equip believers for a fruitful life of participation in the purposes of God by learning how to think biblically. We've created a way for disciples, serious about understanding the Bible and yearning to get back to the foundations of their faith, to benefit from the teaching ministry of Dwight A. Pryor on a regular basis."


Jerusalem Perspective — David Bivin

A periodical published in Israel relating some of the research of the "Jerusalem School for Synoptic Studies." It is extremely informative and scholarly, yet written for popular audiences and Bible students. Focuses on Second Temple Israel and Biblical subjects, especially the New Testament.


Restore — Dr. John Garr

A periodical that contains articles on the Hebraic backgrounds of the Scriptures. It is "published by Restoration Foundation as a service to those in the Christian and Jewish communities who envision the restoration of Christianity's Judaic heritage and the eradication of Christian Judaeophobia and anti Semitism."


Modern Israel

Hands of Mercy (Israel)

"Hands of Mercy Y'srael is a broad-based, non-profit Israeli relief organization serving as an outreach expression of compassion and support to many individuals and families now suffering the tragic results of suicide-terror, violence and war."


Intercessors for Israel

"Intercessors for Israel seeks to raise up an army in and for Israel. Though we are burdened to teach about and stimulate prayer in the lives of individual believers and in local congregations, our primary calling is to intercede before God in behalf of the people and Land of Israel, and to do our part in the battle to prepare the way for the return of the Lord."




"We seek to build truthful relationships between believers in Israel and believers throughout Britain, relationships that are grounded in real fellowship and not founded on Jewish stereotypes…We seek the truth of God's Word and make it our business to examine together what is going on around us and what God has said concerning His people, His plans, and His Church."


Asia Pacific Messianic Fellowship

Messianic groups in the Asia pacific region

"At present we are aware of Messianic Believers in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, and many in Israel. We are confident that there are some in many other countries in the Asia Pacific."



Accordance Bible Software

"Accordance Bible Software is arguably the most powerful Bible Software available-for any computer platform. With well over 200 Accordance-compatible Bible texts and tools to choose from, it's easy to build an extensive library of Bible texts, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, dictionaries, topical Bibles, commentaries, and theological works."



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