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YESHUA YEAR by YEAR -- Andrew Gabriel Roth
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YESHUA YEAR by YEAR -- Andrew Gabriel Roth
Episode #01 - History of Aramaic From David to Y'shua

Andrew Gabriel Roth (Yitzkhakh bar Raphael) was born in 1964 in Manhattan, NYC. Coming from a long-line of Orthodox rabbis and cantors, Andrew became fascinated with Hebrew prayer and liturgy at an early age. Andrews Bar Mitzvah was celebrated on a particularly auspicious day: the 21st of Nisan, a Shabbat (Saturday) during Passover in 1977.

It was during his pre-bar mitzvah years that Andrew first heard of the Aramaic language from his rabbi who said that Aramaic was the other language of the Jewish people. From that time Andrew began to learn how Hebrew and Aramaic shared the same alphabet, meanings and grammar.

While studying at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, Andrew joined the Hillel Jewish Service Group and became the student president. This role provided him direct interface with local rabbis and other religious groups on campus. He coordinated a joint Seder with Catholic and Protestant groups, and was in active dialogue with those of various faiths, sometimes seeking common ground, and at other times defending his Jewish beliefs.

Andrews insistence of staying true to Hebrew and making Christian beliefs accountable to Torah proved effective in the eyes of local rabbis. They trained him as an anti- missionary and encouraged him to help dissuade young Jews from turning to Christianity.

Andrews anti-missionary work continued for two years. Focusing on areas of the Greek New Testament that were not Torah-accurate (i.e. lepers having dinner parties for Jews, eunuchs worshipping at the Temple, etc.), his work was quite successful. Learned Christian pastors on the other side of the debates could not answer the charges, and most of the Jewish youth that flirted with Christianity were turned back to Judaism.

During his college years, students with Campus Crusade for Christ ("The Triple C") and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) inquired of Andrew for "advice" regarding Messianic prophecies from his "Hebrew perspective." Believing himself to be helping Christians "see the light", their questions led Andrew to investigate Biblical prophecies in far greater detail. He began to understand that Messiah had to come before the destruction of the Second Temple, and He had to be a direct descendant of David and Solomon. A lengthy process of elimination led Andrew to understand that Y'shua of Nazareth had to be "the right guy."

Andrews life was forever changed, but he soon faced a severe conflict. He knew Christians had the right candidate for haMashiyach (the Messiah), but he couldnt abandon Torah as his Christian friends had done. Andrew had been taught that Greek was the original language of the New Testament, so he began learning Greek. As he studied, he remembered his days as an anti-missionary and the unanswerable questions from the Greek, but now he encountered a seemingly insurmountable problem: the Greek used the same word for YHWH that was also the title for Zeus (kurios)!

Frustrated by the level of Hellenism in what he felt should be regarded as a sacred text, Andrew nearly lost his faith. How could "Adonai" (as he called YHWH at that time) reveal one half of His Word in Hebrew and the other in a pagan tongue of the Romans who burned Jerusalem to the ground? It didnt make sense, until, seemingly by coincidence, Andrew learned that the Aramaic New Testament had survived. He immediately began studying the Aramaic texts and overnight ALL the New Testament deficiencies vaporized.

In 1994 Andrew married Jaye who supports his passion for learning and teaching the Netzari faith.

In 2005 pressure was mounting in scholarly circles for a literal-as-possible translation of the Aramaic texts. By this time, Andrew had been making notes and translating portions from the original Aramaic texts for about 15 years, primarily for his own studies. By the end of 2005, Andrew had collated all his translation work, turned his analysis of variant readings into footnotes, and presented his rough draft to the publisher. In October of 2008 the first edition of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) was published.

In October 2010 Andrew published "Wheel of Stars," a work based upon the Biblical calendar.

Andrew has teamed up with Gods Learning Channel (GLC) to produce a made-for- television series entitled "Yeshua Year by Year." Much of the material for the series was derived from his pre-published book (of the same name) and "Wheel of Stars."
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