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delayed by lightening-Stephen Andree
arm  2011-06-28 18:16:10

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  Delayed by lightening

In our China, of course, most dear to the heart is the notion that we are mysterious.  (Shsh!  It's a secret).  Nobody can see us or fathom what we are doing.  That's probably the biggest reason they banned my book.  It's not too far from babies playing peek-a-boo, really, but it's a fundamental paradigm established once upon a time by ye old sages and that's what floats their boat.  Maybe my word games in letters such as this were amusing too, or maybe tedious, and maybe I'll hang that up for now.  A similar sense can be found in witchcraft which is such a big thing out here.

Rebellion, of course, is the great fear driving the system in the Celestial Kingdom, and Samuel reminds me in the first place (15:33) how like it is to witchcraft.  That said, there is a friend here.  She was born in Gasa of the Ailao Mountains and mothered by the woman who was the chief sorceress of witchcraft.  Impressions on her heart are deeper than the tatoos on her forearms.  However, she went to college and, as with Simon the sorcerer, was converted to Christ.  Now she is a school teacher herself, married to a man with mountains of money and still craving power (just like Simon).  She speaks English too, with a polished, smooth, cool, even-tempered style which is a dead giveaway that she's hiding something-- but, then again, that's just her face.  She likes preaching and to prove her power by shouting down the demons she's so familiar with.  Alas for complications, my wife borrowed money from her.

Now, I am advised not to call her Jezebel, so perhaps Simone the sorceress would not do either, but this Sister T. is influential certainly and likes her power with a capital P.  Enough said.  You have your own dungeons and dragons to deal with but please do remember us this side of the globe too.

Thanks for a few successful dealings I've had with the woman (which need no mention) but I will mention a long-standing thorn in my side and ache in my heart.  I'd like to ask for a simple solution and the best I can do is ask to forgive her.  That's my father's business and I want to be a better businessman.

Sister T. has a cohort, Sister L., the loud, pushy, normally arrogant one.  She knows not how to suggest anything, but obviously relishes commanding people what to do and how to do it.  She's plenty easier to forgive than Sister T. but it all smacks of such delirious idiocy.  It's like any old Montana rodeo here and I'm still in the saddle.  (So who's the idiot?)  Maybe I need a vacation.

Baby Sendoa is well, thank you.  Falls off chairs, bumps his head now and then, and that doesn't stop him.  It must be your prayers as well as a hard head.

His mother is happy doing what she does best.  No driving involved but she's cleaning at a hotel and faithful in that.  PRAY another work would open, and waiting for the right door for me as well.

Years ago, in Kunming, they set me up with an editor who is the retired interrigator of POWs in Korea.  They banned the book anyway (unofficially) but like a similar sweetheart you may recall, named Pol Pot, he always had a friendly face.  (I'd like to introduce him to Maxwell Smart-- Don Adams-- if I ever get the chance, and test his sense of humour).  Seriously, in a govt. office of Xinping a high official tells everyone that I can't be permitted into our county level public library without the ID of a Chinese national.  He says I "might see a word" in there that endangers public security.  The word for ludicrous is HUA JI LE in Chinese-- good for the vocabulary.

May all our words be blessed.

Sendoa's sure trying to talk.  Wish we could understand him.  His first birthday he had been developing a temperature.  That evening we took him to see a doctor.  Ginger was worked up, no faith to pray with me but we got medicine at hospital.  Next day it got worse-- at least the worry did.  Sister L. came by that evening, singing a cute little get out of here song to demons and telling us what to do as well.  Saw her off with a smile (finally), the fever worsened, shivers came and Ginger very upset-- agreed to pray with me.  I held him, singing to the Lord, and he quickly recovered.  That night the church also prayed for him, but what to do about Sis. T & L?  Lord set us free from the politics out here.  It's so suffocating-- and what a shame when the mountains are so green, the sky is so blue, the air is so fresh.

Welcome to Xinping!

Love,            Stephen & family


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