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Feasts of the Lord in Prophecy Newsletter eNews! by Message from Pastor Mark
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Feasts of the Lord in Prophecy Newsletter eNews!
by Message from Pastor Mark

Shalom one and all!!

What exciting times we live in! We have begun the month of Elul, the King is in the field and we are working in His Harvest!

This weekend we have Paul Wilbur in concert on Shabbat, on Sunday our picnic at Clarkes Creek, then on Monday evening, Labor Day, We have Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith from Itamar, Israel!

Then the following Friday, Sept 9th, the Fair starts and goes through the 25th. The fair here is the world’s fifth largest fair with well over one million people going through in the 2 week time period. This has been our greatest outreach in community awareness of the Jewishness of Jesus/Yeshua. El Shaddai has booth #702 in the Showplex facility. We so thank all the volunteers who work our booth.

The next Monday night, Sept 12th we will have Bill Cloud as our guest speaker. On Sunday Sept 18th there will be a fund raiser BBQ for the Israel Support Fund at the home of Bill and Rocio Voiss.  Then right after the fair ends on Wed night, Sept 28th we will have our Rosh Hashana service joining thousands of others across the world in every time zone blowing shofars as we proclaim God as King! Be sure and sign up your church or home fellowship on our website! Bring your shofars!!

Of course in September there are all the world events going on, with the U.N. wanting to unilaterally declare a Palestinian State and all the regional conflicts going on in the Middle East among the Arab countries. We’ve got natural disasters going on around us, not to mention Comet Elenin going by through the Feast days. Signs are all around us that we need to continually be prepared both spiritually and physically.

This brings us to October and on Monday, Oct 3rd we have none other than Marty Goetz ministering in concert here at El Shaddai as we prepare our hearts for Yom Kippur. The following week on Wed night Oct 12th we will have our joint Feast of Sukkot service.

This brings us to the end of October and you will not believe who we have coming Monday night, Oct 24th to speak! None other than a current member of the Israeli Government serving in the Knesset. It will be Limor Livnat. Here is a link to her bio: http://www.elshaddaiministries.us/events/limorlivnat.pdf

Be sure and invite everyone you know to come and show our unwavering support for Israel. Her nephew was murdered this last Passover while leaving Joseph’s tomb after spending time in prayer. The car he was leaving in with his friends was sprayed with bullets by uniformed Palestinian policemen.

As you can see we have a full plate here! Keep us in your prayers as we continually try to keep the apple of God’s eye in the forefront and accomplish His Will!!

Now for some quick teaching highlights! Let’s take a look at a word in Aramaic/Hebrew. Everyone is familiar with “Bar” which means “Son”. In Hebrew which is right to left it looks like this:   . In the ancient Hebrew it looked like this:    The letter “B” in Hebrew called the Beit was the picture of a house as it means house. The “R” in Hebrew is called the Reysh and was the picture of a man’s head. It means head as in Rosh Hashana or the “Head” of the year. Together these form the picture words for the word “Son” who is the “man of the house”.

We all know the “Word” of God and believe Yeshua is the living “Word” of God. Then to make the Hebrew word for “Word” you simply take the word for “son” – bar – and add the letter D at the beginning to form the word Dvar.

. The “D” or in Hebrew the Dalet was the picture of a door! So we see the “Word” of God is the “door” to the Son!

Be Blessed!

Pastor Mark


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