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Wheels of Stars
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The Bible is the best selling book of all time, and yet, some of the greatest mysteries have remained un-deciphered… until now.  What we once thought to be stars, we now know are entire galaxies simply because we are better able to see into the vastness of the universe.  Much the same thing is happening today with our increasing knowledge of the Bible.

This is not speculation—the Wheel of Stars is real—the mathematics within this publication have been verified with scientific precision.

Roth will show you, in graphic detail, how this “lost” information has been in the Hebrew and Aramaic Word of YAHWEH all along, passed down from Enoch to Moses to David, to Ezra and up to the time of Y'shua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Scripture tells us that hidden knowledge would be revealed, our computer age has confirmed something magnificent.  If you thought “Torah Codes Research” was amazing, you will LOVE this.

Join Roth on an adventure that deciphers clues scattered across the world and forgotten for millennia, only to re-emerge with one of the greatest life-affirming messages Scripture can give us about ourselves, our role in the Cosmos, and the ultimate fulfillment of all our hopes!.

This is something that no work of fiction could match because this is real! It is true! What has happened in history is happening right now.  Wheel of Stars will show you elements of the precise multi-platform basis on which Biblical time; past, present and future is set.


Prologue: Our Place in the Cosmos

Chapter 1 Four calendars

Reading the End from the Beginning

Calendar Mechanisms (General)

Research Approach

The Simplest of Beginnings

Understanding the Book of Signs

The Book of Signs

Background Information and Research Methodology

As In Heaven, So On Earth: A Brief Example

Mechanisms Common to All Four calendars

Signs  Seasons  Days Years

The Balancing of 40 and 7

In the Beginning…Darkness

Tracking the 360-day year Pre-Civilization

How Do the Stars Keep the Time?

Introducing… the Real New Moon

When Did the Hebrew Day Begin?

A Preview: The Most Unique Day in History

Technical Specifications

Chapter 2 Solar Pre-Metonic Calendar

Noah’s Solar Year

Evidence from Esther

More Specific Calendar Information from the Scriptures

Philo Explains the Hidden Role of the Equinoxes

The Gregorian Patch

Chapter 3 The Prophetic Calendar

Section 1: The Basics

Same Mechanism, Different Purpose (from Pre-Metonic)

Understanding Prophetic and Practical Sabbatical

and Jubilee Years

Proving a 50-Year Jubilee Cycle

Jubilee of Jubilees!

Can We Name the Time of Mashiyach’s Return?

The Straight Count

The Long Count

Section 2: The Mechanics

Reviewing the Cycles

Applying Details from the Big Picture

Why Does This Work?

Y’shua’s Birth the Ultimate Time Marker!

Additional Intervals from the Wheel of Stars

The Seventy Weeks in Daniel 9

The Prophecy of Genesis 6:3 Explained

A Wider Model Emerges for Noah’s Flood Timing

Noah’s Constellation Year

Chapter 4  The Equinox Pre-Metonic Calendar

Counting from the Exodus as Year One

The Final Sky Sign: What Really Set the Year?

Another Take on the "Signs" of Genesis 1:14-19

Calculation vs. Sighted: Who is Right?

When Did the Hebrew Month Begin?

A Poetic Defence

Rising Crescent Rolls

Synchronizing the Lunar and Solar Days:

An Alternate Method That Does the Same Thing

The Truth About the Crescent

Another Way to Look at the Evidence

Festivals of the Full Moon Includes Shavuot-Pentecost!

Chapter 5 The Perfect Fixed Hebrew Calendar

Aries and the Vernal Equinox are the Same Thing!

Will the Real Zodiac Please Stand Up?

Freeze Dried Dates that Track the Year

(The Absolute Kosher Zodiac)

The Hebrew Year According to the Kosher Zodiac

Chapter 6 The Priestly Calendar

Origins and Purpose from the Exodus

A Small Clue

The Code of 24

The Code of Aries

Remembering the Constellation Clock

Winding the Constellation Clock  

Finding the Two Beginnings

The First Constellation Cycle

The Double Mechanism  

Wheel of Stars: The Coin?

Chapter 7 Reading the Beginning from the End

Creation and Pre-Creation Scriptural Calendars

Eight Days a Week?

What Did the Israelites Know and When Did They Know It?  

Tracking the Book of Signs

The Woman in Revelation 12

What’s It All For?

A Call for Perspective and Unity

The Final Surprise

Epilogue on the Road to 2012


Aramaic Basics and History

Lunar Sabbath


Name of YHWH

Pharisaic Calendar

Remembering the Sign of the Fish (Pisces)

Tekufa and Teshuvah

The Divisions of the Day

The Great Year

The Paths of Aldebaran

Understanding the Apocalypse

Illustration: Building the Wheel of Stars


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